Shore SPA 美业品牌设计



Shore Spa 位于 Loch Fyne 岸边,使用来自赫布里底群岛的 isgha 海藻产品提供定制理疗和健康体验。

在进行了一次重大整修后,我们与 Crerar Hotels 合作重新定位水疗产品。创造一个独立于酒店的品牌和个性,更符合令人兴奋的新治疗和设施。由于地理位置得天独厚,其目的是创建一个目的地,鼓励更多城市居民进行短途水疗休息。利用离家不远的“偏远”位置。


Shore Spa is located on the banks of Loch Fyne and offers bespoke treatments and wellness experiences, using isgha seaweed-based products from the Hebridean Isles.


After undergoing a major refurbishment, we worked with Crerar Hotels to reposition the spa offering. Creating a brand and personality that would stand-alone from the hotel and sit more in line with the exciting new treatments and facilities. Due to the unique location, the aim was to create a destination that would encourage more city dwellers to make the short trip for spa breaks. Taking advantage of the ‘remote’ location not far from home.


The new identity consisted of naming, logotype, brand marque and supporting print materials. Key to the identity was the concept of ‘connection between land and water’. This is highlighted with the name itself, but also in the subtle waved element within the ‘o’ of the logotype. Sustainable papers and high-end finishes were combined to create tactile print materials that complemented the spa environment, including brochure, business cards and stationery.