Apostle Bar 酒吧品牌设计





背景:人一出生,就不会选择害羞或外向。在成年后,这取决于一个人所处的环境,但是孩子们并不害怕表达自己,他们想要一些东西 - 他们会说出来,在商店中间开始哭泣 - 这很容易。



Apostle is a mini-bar in Ukraine, the aesthetic appearance of which is not only attractive. After work you can comfortably spend the evening with your friends.
Identity idea: naming, wanted a not-so-playful aesthetic (to represent a person who works in a serious company, strict, who rarely shows his emotions), also the serif font gives a premium look. Handwritten, I created by hand (with the mouse) with the idea to reflect playfulness and something similar to children's writing.
Background: When people are born, they don't choose to be shy or outgoing. In adulthood, it depends on the environment in which a person was, but children are not afraid to express themselves, they want something - they will say it, start crying in the middle of the store - it's easy.
When a person drinks alcohol, he has a relaxed appearance and is no longer afraid to express his thoughts, because he does not care about others and what they think.
Therefore, I want to turn to the idea of   identity, with a certain poignancy and a little like the writing of a child, to the fact that "adults are the same children who grew up and forgot that they were once children."